From babies through to ten years, the Dawnfield Montessori School’s unique environment is especially responsive to a child’s development stages and innate desire to learn. Dawnfield admits children from 3 months to 10 years.

Dawnfield School offers a broad curriculum aimed at the development of the whole child – mind, body, heart and soul teaching academic and social skills as well as life skills to actually last a lifetime.

Each classroom is well equipped with Montessori and high quality materials to enable a wide range of educational learning.

We are passionate about exposing the children to extracurricular activities at an early age so as to promote in them a love for sports as well as help them develop their talents. Our extracurricular activities include Ballet, Music, Taekwondo, Arts and Craft, French



To provide a solid foundation, strong enough to create an outstanding child in any citadel of learning.



The mission of DAWNFIELD is to deliver world class education which inspires independence, awake potential and develop future leaders.


School Slogan

…… Nurturing To Greatness the Potential in Every Child

Principles And Beliefs

  1. We believe education is a shared responsibility among parents, pupils, staff and administration.
  2. We will provide an excellent education in which we smoothly integrate the Montessori/British and Nigerian curriculum using international standards and incorporating innovative teaching method.
  3. We will challenge all pupils to achieve their highest capability and potential academically and socially.
  4. We will attract and retain a highly qualified and motivated staff; we will invest in their professional development and growth.
  5. We will promote continuous improvement in all areas of the school, through regular assessment and evaluation.
  6. We will embrace teamwork.
  7. We will emphasize morality and conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity.